Ensuring long lasting quality

The 2 Year Warranty that Luxmainer offers is a signal to its commitment on high quality products, and it functions as a guarantee of not only the high quality of the products but also of the durability of the make. The 2 Year Warranty begins on the date of invoice/sales stamp of the purchase of the Luxmainer products and lasts for exactly 2 Years.

The Warranty ensues that Luxmainer will offer free of charge repairs and/or free of charge replacements for any products that can be proved to have failed due to a material fault or manufacturer's error within the respective warranty period. The warranty covers normal use of the device(s) and excludes the following:

1. Alterations or modifications to the device(s) or repairs effected at a non-authorized service source.

2. Normal usage wear and tear or damages from accessories.

3. Damages to the finish for any reason, such as exposure to extremes in humidity and/or temperatures.